Our Compliance and Support Services

The team at Kolymageo can offer clients the full spectrum of services required to get established on the Russian Federation mining scene. We can help you with everything from project generation through license acquisition, project plan preparation and filing, to mineral resource registration and approval.

License Acquisition

There are a number of ways to acquire mineral properties in the Russian Federation, including direct acquisition, license auction participation and new license application. All these methods require some level of due diligence in order to minimize the risk. We have experience in conducting due diligence on existing mining operations, providing clients with an understanding of a projects license status, metallurgical options and mineral resource validation and upside potential. We can also guide the client through license auction and license application procedures.

PDAC 2020 Licensing

Project plan preparation, Forestry, Ecology and Safety compliance

Once a license has been acquired and the client envisages exploration, a project plan must be lodged with the regulatory authorities (Nedra). Our staff are very familiar with the guidelines for exploration project plan lodgment and approval, and can provide everything from guidance to actual implementation.

Any exploration program within the Russian Federation requires Forestry, Ecology, and Safety documentation. Our fully qualified staff can provide the necessary documentation for your program, covering your license compliance every step of the way.

Russia-compliant accounting

In order to operate within the guidelines of the Russian Federation, companies must understand how to negotiate through the minefield of financial reporting regulations. Kolymageo maintains an experienced team of accounting professionals able to support your project with Russia-compliant accounting.

Expatriate registration

Foreign funded mining entities generally require some expatriate presence on their projects within the Russian Federation. For the inexperienced, the many regulations governing this area this can prove challenging. Our legal team can assist you in providing your expatriates with a range of visas, from business to full 3 year working visas.

43-101 and JORC compliant resource/reserve report generation

Our team have experience with Russian (GKZ) and international (43-101 and JORC) compliance and reporting requirements.

Public resource reporting is an accepted part of the mining and exploration business worldwide. Within the Russian Federation, this system is administered by the Russian State Commission for Reserves, often referred to as GKZ (Gosudarstvennaya Komissia po Zapasam). A system of Prefeasibility/Feasibility document approvals is covered by various TEO stages.

Through our close corporate relationship with Amur Minerals LLC and the Malmyzh porphyry copper-gold deposit, our staff have gained valuable experience with the TEO process. In addition, due to its size and economic significance, Kolymageo staff involved with Malmyzh gained experience with SIL approval process, required for approval of foreign owned “strategically significant” deposits.

Our staff have also dealt with international reporting requirements such as JORC and 43-101. Kolymageo offers its clients access to this reporting knowledge bank to provide the necessary reporting coverage for your deposit.