Our Drilling Services

Thomas E. Bowens CPG established Kolymageo in 2009 after identifying a gap in the drilling services market in the Russian Far East. His goal then was the same as it is now: to provide a safer, more reliable and cost effective drilling service.

The company’s drilling fleet consists of four Boart Longyear drilling rigs, mounted in mobile, weather-proofed casings with the option of ‘skid or track mounted’ mobility. Our fleet has drill string capability for NQ (Ø-76mm), HQ (Ø-95mm), and PQ (Ø-125mm). In addition, we have split tube capacity and the skill-base to support geotechnical and oriented coring programs.

In support of our drilling fleet, we have a range of off-road and all-terrain vehicles essential for drilling and mineral exploration activity in the Russian Far East. We also have a range of bulldozers and excavators to support drilling activity, as well as road construction, trenching and rehabilitation as required.
Kolymageo has performed drilling services to a range of companies, including some notable domestic and international majors, through to small, privately funded entities. We have successfully completed programs in challenging terrane and difficult weather conditions.

Our Rigs Average 70m Per Day


Kolymageo operates four Boart Longyear drill rigs, an LF70 and three LF90’s.

We find that clients like the LF70 due to its greater mobility and smaller footprint, allowing access to smaller, more discrete drill pads with less environmental impact and costly forestry clearing. There is little or no compromise it terms of meter productivity or core quality however. The LF70’s specifications include:

The LF90 is a popular drill rig globally, and Russia is no different. These hardy and reliable rigs regularly drilled 800+ metre holes at Malmyzh, averaging 2,000m per month summer and winter. The LF90’s specifications include:

Safety & Environment

At Kolymageo, we recognize safety as the number one criteria, both for ourselves and for our clients and we operate with the utmost care and concern for safeguarding the environment and preserving its long term fitness, function and viability. Our safety and environmental systems are designed to meet and indeed exceed government and client standards. Our crews are well trained and dedicated employees who recognize and support the concept of safety excellence and the importance of environmental stewardship.


Kolymageo has a deep sense of community and proudly supports our employees and their families as well as contributing in a positive way to the local communities where it operates in the Russian Far East.