Our Logistics Services

Winter Road Construction and Maintenance

The logistics team at Kolymageo have an envious track record when it comes to completing winter roads in the challenging Russian Far East, on time and on target.

Every exploration program commences with mobilization and in the rugged Russian wilderness, this often means winter work. Seasoned explorers in the Russian Far East recognize that the ability to build and maintain winter drill access roads is critical for successful exploration programs. Our team take pride in their ability to endure tough conditions on behalf of our clients to build and maintain an all-important supply line for program success.

Camp construction, site management, logistical support and food service

Our team of seasoned professionals understand the need for a well-developed logistics system that allows us to organize and mobilize a field camp and drill campaign in the shortest time possible in a variety of climatic conditions.

We understand the need work with local communities and stakeholders on behalf of the client, to identify the best possible camp sites, water access, satellite communications and solid emergency response procedures.